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About Valtrex

Experts report that up to 60 million Americans are suffering from genital herpes and that approximately 100,000 people are newly infected every month.

Valtrex may not be a household name like Viagra is, but maybe it should be. With so many new cases, and so many sufferers, it is important that consumers have safe and anonymous access to inexpensive Valtrex so that you can treat your condition properly.

Many sufferers of genital herpes report terrible mental and psychological anguish that comes with the condition. As a result, something as simple as visiting your local doctor, or picking up your Valtrex prescription at the corner drug store can be a very difficult emotional experience. The potential for embarrassment might actually cause some patients to let their genital herpes symptoms to go untreated, or to deny to themselves that they have the condition at all.

This is unacceptable. Genital herpes symptoms need to be treated, and Valtrex is the number one prescribed medication for genital herpes.

There is no reason for a consumer to feel that acquiring Valtrex needs to be difficult or embarrassing. We are here to help make that process easier, so that you can work to treat your genital herpes symptoms, and also to help minimize the frequency of your outbreaks with suppression therapy.

You have the ability to order Valtrex online, for less, and in an anonymous environment. Simply click on the order button and check out. You will be asked a few questions about your medical history. Answer them honestly. Your request for a prescription, along with your medical history, will be reviewed by a doctor. If approved, your prescription for Valtrex will then be filled and shipped to you by Federal Express.


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