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Genital herpes

Genital herpes or Infection with Herpes virus type 2 is a viral disease that is manifested by vast lesions forming in 4-7 days after sexual intercourse that led to HSV infection. The lesions occur in different regions in women and men. In severe cases the virus lesions can cover most of the parts of the genital region. In general symptoms of Herpes infestation are:
- Lesions on different parts of the body(in severe cases on internal organs, gum, throat)
- Itching, redness, burning and pain
- Discharges from the penis or vagina
- Muscle pain
- Enlarged lymph nodes
- Painful urination
- Herpetic Proctitis (inflammation of rectum and anus)

The lesions cure by themselves in 2-3 weeks after development but possible recurrence may be diagnosed within the later periods. Lesions on mucosal surfaces may not heal themselves and last for a longer period. In recurrence periods fewer lesions occur, and herpes may even be asymptomatic without any manifestations on the body.

Within the last years Genital herpes has widely spread and can be diagnosed in one out of three women of childbearing age. In pregnant women the manifestation of herpes is far more severe. The herpes disease is very hard to completely cure. Nowadays it is considered a good result of the therapy if herpes does not reoccur in 2-3 years after treatment.

Herpes Zoster

Herpes Zoster (shingles) is a viral disease that is caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox. If a person ever had chicken pox he can develop the condition. Through the life the virus is dormant in the system but when metabolic changes occur or the immune system is weakened the varicella zoster virus can manifest. Nearly 20% of people hwo suffered from chicken pox develop herpes Zoster. The symptoms for this condition are:
- Pain
- Itching
- Rash
- Postherpetic neuralgia - pain in the affected area after complete healing
The exact mechanism of virus activation is unknown. Antiviral drug treatment can reduce the severity of the illness and the occurrence period from 7-10 days to only 72 hours but there is still no complete cure for it. If your relatives have ever developed shingles you are 2 times more likely to also have the condition so the latest research says.

Cytomegalovirus infestation

Cytomegalovirus infestation is a viral disease that is caused by Human Herpesvirus 5. The transmission of the virus occurs through sexual contact, transplanted organs, breast milk and other bodily fluids: sweat, saliva, urine etc. The virus may be static and not express itself in any way or the infected person may develop infectious fever-like syndrome with mild hepatitis. Valtrex is only used for prophylaxis and prevention of contamination with the virus and not in treatment of the condition. Due to low possibility of contamination without contacting the infected areas the transmition of the virus can be prevented. Even cleaning hands with soap is proven to be effective in removing the virus from the hands of the patient.


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